What is a Growler Store?

64 oz growler jug

If you found your way to this page, you probably have the same question that a lot of our customers have walking in the door.  What are you guys, and what do you do?

Well, we are a growler store.  Growlers are glass containers (64oz or 32oz in Georgia) filled with craft beer!  Our store has 40 taps of beer, wine, cider, and root beer for you to choose from.  We help you decide what you want through interactive sampling and discussion.  Then, we fill either size growler jug with what you select.  We also cap, label, and seal the jug for freshness and legality.  

Once you get the growler home, it stays fresh for about 2 weeks if left sealed and refrigerated.  Once you open the growler, you will want to finish it off in between 1 and 7 days, depending on the style of beer (dark, heavy, high gravity, and less carbonated beers last longer).  We always recommend recapping the growler and placing it back in the fridge in between every pour.  This minimizes the beer’s heat and air exposure, which keeps it carbonated and fresh for as long as possible.   

When you have finished your growler and are ready for some more, bring the jug back in.  We will swap it out with a fresh, clean growler (of either size) and fill it up again and again for you!  Our tap selection changes constantly, so be ready to try out some new beers.