Our Experts

Steve Hamlet, Chief Deal Maker
Steve grew up in Colorado and developed his love for high-quality microbrews while at Colorado State University (not far from New Belgium Brewing). The Army brought him to the South (Fort Benning) from 1997-2001; but he returned in 2003 after meeting Nancy, his wife and a Peachtree Corners native. Steve and Nancy now make their home in Peachtree Corners. When not pondering the next beer to put on tap, Steve loves to travel and spend time with his family.


Kevin Mahan, General Manager and Certified Beer Master (Cicerone)
Kevin spent the first 17 years of his life in the same house in Peachtree Corners. After graduating from Norcross High School and becoming an Eagle Scout in a local troop, he attended several Georgia universities and spent 6 years being amphibious in the Marine Reserves. Now, Kevin spends his free time sampling as much beer as possible and participating in activities with a high risk of breaking bones.


Patrick Shipley, Irishman
Raised by wolves in the wilds of Saskatchewan, Patrick and his family (human, not canine) moved to the area in the early 90’s and have been here ever since (with a few minor exceptions). A jack of all trades (and master of nothing!), Patrick’s enthusiasm for Craft Beer eclipses his knowledge- but he’s learning! In his free time, he generally likes to read, write, and re-watch old Game of Thrones episodes. Winter is coming….