History of PGC

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The Inaugural Delivery

In 2012, while serving with the United States Army on a third overseas deployment, Peachtree Growler Co. owner Steve Hamlet set a goal to return home to Peachtree Corners and begin a career in the civilian world that would not only reward him on a daily basis but also afford the opportunity to spend more time with his family. Taking a break from copious research regarding different types of businesses he could open, Steve met his brother-in-law for lunch, who on a whim suggested, “Why don’t you open a growler store?”


At home later that day, the question for Steve changed to, “Why shouldn’t I open a growler store?” The concept of a growler store met his career aspirations, including: being passionate about going to work each day, believing in your product, working within a local community, and having the flexibility to spend additional time with family. Together with his wife, Nancy, and with support of many people in the community, the business plan was born. Fast-forward to May 2013, and the doors of Peachtree Growler Co. opened, with 40 taps pouring a vast selection of not only craft beers, but wine as well. Peachtree Growler Co. now serves residents of Peachtree Corners, Norcross, Berkeley Lake, and other surrounding areas by providing high quality brews on a rotating basis. In addition to the 40 taps sure to quench our patron’s thirst, and an in-store coffeehouse for the morning crowd, the store also teaches classes and serves craft beer and wine at events all across the Atlanta area.