Beer and Wine Catering

Beer and Wine Catering - Peachtree Growler Co.

Parties, corporate events, and festivals are all better with some cold craft beer. Why settle for beer from a cooler when you can have hand-picked craft beers on tap at your event?

Our beer and wine catering service lets you choose from hundreds of different beer options to have a few taps of your top selections at your event. Whether it’s an open bar, ticket system, or cash-based, our team will show up with a truck full of beer and some taps that are ready to start pouring. Or, if you’d like a large selection of beers from our store in growlers, we can help with that too.

Just like most events, our beer and wine catering packages can come in any size. The number and variety of beers are scalable and can accomodate any needs, tastes, or number of thirsty people in your group.

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Below are just a few examples of how we can travel…