Beer & Wine

Looking for the best place to get Craft Beer in Greater Atlanta? You found it.

With 34 different beer taps, 4 different wine taps, a tap reserved for our favorite non-alcoholic beverage, and a cider. We’ve got you covered for parties, weddings, or a lazy day off. We even do customized Catering for events!

kegs_2Our beers and wines come from all over: be it any one of the many local breweries from around Atlanta, a beer or wine import from overseas, or one of our favorite breweries from anywhere in the US; PGC specializes in finding the best of the best and bringing them to Peachtree Corners! Check out our offerings on our On-Tap page!

Our Experts are highly trained and studied (We “sample” all of our beers) and they are always ready to explain their passion and knowledge, in order to help you find that ideal beer for a sunny barbecue or a late night movie session. We offer up to 6 ounces of samples as well, so you can try a few beers before you decide what to buy!

Be sure to check out the Calendar for our weekly schedule, like $10 Tuesday and 1-off Wednesday! Not to mention our Homebrewing Class: Brew-U!

Remember, we are not a bar or a liquor store. We serve the best Draft Craft Beer that money can buy in Growler Jugs that are air-tight sealed for quality and freshness. You take these bad boys home, and a week later when you open it, its as fresh as it would be if it came straight from the Tap! Click here to learn more about Growlers and about Craft Beer!